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 THings have been rough im sorry

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ThinTrash vG

ThinTrash vG

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PostSubject: THings have been rough im sorry   Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:54 pm

Hey guys i know i havent been around lately and im really sorry about that. Things have been really rough at work and well im trying to find a new job. I almost walked off the jobsite today Its that bad!!! I know with my position in vG i should be showing a better example. I do promise i will be back gaming soon. I try and check the forums as much as i can. And i will try and help out anyway i can on here too. I just wont have the time to game just yet. Thank you all. And i LOVE all my family here.
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SoKrispy vG

SoKrispy vG

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PostSubject: Re: THings have been rough im sorry   Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:18 am

Dude just quit... You don't even need a job. If you play well on Blops or Halo even, you can get paid like the rest of us with the pretend money that we were sponsored by from TreyArch!... DUH

Nah I'm just kidd-n, But i hope everything smoothens out for you!

we miss you!!!!THis----> cheers much!!! Very Happy
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THings have been rough im sorry
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