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 vG Rules, Guidlines, and Conduct

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PostSubject: vG Rules, Guidlines, and Conduct   vG Rules, Guidlines, and Conduct I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2010 8:40 pm

Practice Rules:
You must make 2 hours of practice per week, playing with people other than your small team. Strats are not to be run, this is time for bonding and having plain old fashioned fun!!! If you do not complete your 2 hours of practice you will not be eligible for matches the following week. Let us know about any upcoming things that may prevent you from making your hours, communication is very important!
If you feel you may not be able to make your hours, contact your division leaders and clan leaders (Voodoo/Vixen, Sin, and Vixen). We're very understanding so don't hesitate to let us know if something is up!

If a problem arises, speak with that person directly. If it cannot be worked out between the two parties contact leaders and they will mediate the situation. Always keep an open line of communication between your fellow clanmates. If a rule is broken, you will always be given the chance to tell your side of the story, at which point it will go to the clan leaders to remit any punishment necessary.

Chain of Command
Please use this chain of command when talking about any issues: Division leaders then up to Clan leaders. RESPECT everyone- memebers and leaders alike... Many learn how to behave within the community from the others around them so please bear this in mind before behaving. DO NOT USE any ANY slurs of racial contexts or anything else of the like, we have all kinds of people here and all different kinds of sensitivity levels to such things. These conduct rules apply to ALL.

Recruitment Process:
Fill out the application and then you’ll be contacted by a recruitment manager. Four weeks playing with all founding members making 2 hours of practice per week are required. A vote will then be taken and if no problems have arose during recruitment process you will be a full member. At which point you may join a small team with no waiting period, if you are already a part of one:: You will be suspended if any rules are broken through this process and not allowed to participate in GB matches- be on your best behavior! If a small team wishes for you to join, you may complete matches with them assuming no issues have been brought up during your recruitment. Upon finishing recruitment you will be contacted by the leader. If you wish to change your name to contain "vG" you must submit this to the leaders for approval and once approved you can change it when the leader gives you the green light.

Code of Conduct:
Gamertag chosen may include vG or not, that is up to you. This is your tag and your freedom. Shit talking that is unjustified is not allowed, do not immediately begin talking trash. And this should NEVER occur in a scirm or match. Your reputation is your own but be aware that you are also representing your family when sporting an vG tag or clan tag. Respect your leaders and friends… We are a family and it should stay that way! RESPECT is vital for this.... If you have a problem with someone speak to them in private not in front of other players, keep it between you two to cut down the drama.
Do not recruit for or play on GB with another clan or team while you are with us here. If you are caught doing so- you will be kicked from the clan.
Also, please don’t refuse to play a gametype… Some like regular, some like hardcore, let’s all play both together as often as possible!


If a team wishes to compete at an event you are free to do so. Seek out sponsorship if you wish. Sponsorship may be available through the clan itself but you may be placed on a team. In which case, work your hardest!

Small Teams Rules

Make your division hours or you cannot compete in GB matches
Your team leader will set practice times./color]

***Read the annoucement posted above for the rules at this point!

vG Rules, Guidlines, and Conduct Nessasigfinal
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vG Rules, Guidlines, and Conduct
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